October 2023 Recap

November 8, 2023

October was a month filled with exciting programming that brought together a diverse community of innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, founders, and coffee enthusiasts. From the Innovation@Brown Showcase to delving into the world of Customer Discovery, exploring sustainability with Lil’ Rhody Coffee, and diving deep into the fusion of AI and Art, our events were designed to inspire and educate. 

The Innovation@Brown Showcase held on October 5th was a celebration of innovation in the Brown University community and the state of Rhode Island. The event brought together founders, researchers, regional leaders, and community members to explore the growing innovation ecosystem surrounding Brown. With over 300 attendees and record breaking Venture Cafe Providence attendance, portions of this event fostered networking opportunities and developing new relationships with potential collaborators. The showcase included presentations from industry investors and prominent figures in the biotech sector, a panel conversation with Rhode Island based startups, and accolades presented to exceptional accomplishments in entrepreneurship, research, and innovation within Brown University’s entrepreneurial network.

Customer Discovery is a crucial aspect of any business venture, and this event was designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs and startups better understand their target audience and market. The second module in our Idea to Impact series, led by Jessica Lynch on October 12th, focused on avoiding common mistakes founders make when starting a company and building a product by putting your customers first. Additionally, those interested in obtaining MBE or WBE certification in the state had the opportunity to receive information and ask any questions during office hours. 

For our monthly morning program on October 19th, we were excited to have Lil’ Rhody Coffee COO and co-founder Vincent Emery join us to present their pitch for the group. Not only does the company roast their own coffee blends (with fun names inspired by notable locations in the state), but they are developing technology to advance sustainable practices within the coffee industry. We had the opportunity to hear about this process as well as their early-stage production facility in northern Rhode Island. 

On October 26th, we hosted the highly anticipated AI & Art gathering in collaboration with RISD and the Rhode Island Israel Collaborative. This event embarked on a journey that bridged the realms of artificial intelligence and art and brought together a diverse community of artists, students, technologists, and enthusiasts eager to explore the intersection of AI and art. With a vibrant blend of creativity and innovation, attendees had the opportunities to hear from experts in the field and learn about the rapidly evolving laws regarding the current and future state of artificial intelligence. 

October was a month of discovery, innovation, and inspiration. Each event provided attendees with valuable insights, networking opportunities, and a chance to explore different aspects of their interests. 

We look forward to more exciting events and opportunities in the future. Stay tuned for updates and mark your calendars for our upcoming events!

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Total number of connections made: 1,293

Total number of sessions: 12

Total number of speakers: 22

50% of October’s visitors were “first time” visitors!

Eve Francazio
Content & Marketing Coordinator - Venture Café Providence