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Starting a business is tough. Book Open Office Hours with one of Venture Cafe’s Advisers to answer tough questions and help you navigate the challenges of building, launching and scaling your business.

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Arthur Petropoulos

Hill View Partners

Tenured and Down to Earth Advisor Helping Good People Do Good Things

District Hall Providence

Daniel Gertrudes

Growthlab Strategic & Financial Business Services

Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of a Finance-as-a-Service (FaaS) Company and Consumer Healthcare startup

District Hall Providence

David Hirschman


Providence-based entrepreneur with a deep knowledge of media, local marketing & tech, and events

District Hall Providence

Erica Guatieri


I love helping business owners implement their financial and tax-saving strategies through the growth and life of their organizations.

District Hall Providence

James Kwon

Figmints Digital Creative Marketing

Storyteller & Business Strategist, growth-hacking companies to realize their full potential.

District Hall Providence

Matthew Leathers


Matt gets pulled out of training to help the world's best brands fix their problems.

District Hall Providence

Michael Tierney


District Hall Providence

Ryan Juliano

Howell Legal Inc.

Strategic legal adviser to early-stage startups

District Hall Providence

Seth Milman

McInnes & McLane LLP

Experienced intellectual property attorney helping businesses develop, monetize, and assert their IP

District Hall Providence

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