We build community locally so you can connect to innovation globally

We want to accelerate time to innovation.

Innovation Bridge is a pre-landing program that places individuals and organizations at the center of diverse ecosystems to:

  • Drive collaboration and knowledge-sharing
  • Understand funding and investment landscapes
  • Increase visibility, recognition and partnerships
  • Identify talent or specialized experts 
  • Connect with local resources and infrastructure
Who We Serve
  • Government or industry-based Trade Organizations accelerating high potential startups
  • Corporates seeking startup matchmaking
  • Venture Funds scanning for investment opportunities
  • Universities targeting joint-ventures or research commercialization
Our services
From initiatives big and small, we'll work with you to craft a solution to fit your objectives.
Platforming your organization and initiatives through the largest global weekly convening of innovators, the Thursday Gathering.
Benefits include:
Set the Thursday Gathering's thematic focus and curate the audience
Drive thought-leadership and action within your crafted sessions
Branding and exposure pre-, during and post-Gathering across in person and digital platforms
Discover why Cambridge's Kendall Square is called "the most innovative square mile on planet" through tailored tours.
Benefits include:
Ecosystem tour tailored to your needs
Premium spaces to host meetings or work from
Experience the best of local culture
Private Engagements
Intimate curated engagements with targeted people.
Examples include:
Reverse Pitch - we'll curate a group of startups for you to engage
Dine & Deal - sit down for a meal or drink with a selection of targeted investors
Workshops - we'll provide the space and bring together a diverse range of skillsets and expertise to ideate, problem-solve and build the future


Innovation Bridge helps you uncover the linkages within an ecosystem and assess market opportunities through various lenses of entrepreneurial capital:

  • Policy – favorable regulatory frameworks and incentives
  • Financial – available debt & equity financing 
  • Inspiration – visible success stories and risk appetite
  • Markets – strong customer bases and early adopters
  • Human – relevant talent expertise, educational programs and entrepreneurs
  • Resources   – built infrastructure 

Whether you’re looking at expanding into a new market or attracting inbound businesses and foreign investment, unpacking these factors is critical to success.


Feature: Bridging Innovation Between LATAM and Miami – November 2022




Global Network
Venture Café was founded in Boston’s Cambridge Innovation Center in 2009 and helped fuel the growth of one of the world’s most powerful innovation ecosystems. Since then, we have drawn together over 550,000 innovators, creatives, developers and civic-minded leaders for over 13 years in 11 cities around the world, building a global community of communities.
Innovation Continuum
Through our linkage with Cambridge Innovation Center we offer a one-stop shop for businesses seeking to innovate and grow both locally and globally.
Understand the lay of the land, get connected and feel comfortable to take your next step in the journey through Venture Café's Innovation Bridge.
Soft Landing
Ready to take the plunge? Increase your potential for success in the US through CIC's Soft Landing solutions. CIC provides tailored solutions to help entrepreneurs smoothly transition into a new market.The comprehensive program covers everything from market fit to legal compliance, making sure you're on track to take your business to the next level.
Captains of Innovation
Require a deeper level of expertise and support? CIC's Captains of Innovation consultancy explores the full spectrum of innovation — from new idea generation to commercialization and beyond — through targeted consulting, white-glove engagements, and scouting for startups, new technologies and new business ideas. Captains also provide strategic consulting to build and develop innovation districts.
All innovation bridges are custmozied to your needs. Let's get in touch and craft your Innovation Bridge together!
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