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Since our inception in 2009, Venture Café has become a central Innovation Ecosystem Activator. Our flagship program, the Thursday Gathering, brings together diverse minds, startups, and industry leaders every single week. We thrive off of the spirit of collaboration and believe innovation is for everyone.

By becoming a Supporter, you’re actively supporting our mission and enabling us to keep the weekly Thursday Gatherings free and open to the public. We’re taking you along for the ride as we expand our global reach and deepen the connections in our communities.

As a Supporter, you’ll stay up to date on new initiatives and gain access to exclusive opportunities. You will play a vital role in this collaborative process, and your feedback will guide us as we shape the future of Venture Café!


Thursday Gatherings will remain free to join and attend without becoming a Supporter. As an attendee you’ll still have access to Thursday Gatherings around the world, program sessions, and two complimentary drinks.

By becoming a Supporter, you’ll get access to the additional benefits listed above while supporting Venture Café’s mission and expansion.

Supporters are the generous members who power our community. We're proud to recognize them and shout out their contributions!
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Do I have to be a Supporter to join Venture Café’s Thursday Gathering?

Thursday Gatherings will always be free for every member of our community and beyond. We believe that innovation is for everyone , and freely accessible Thursday Gatherings are a vital part of Ecosystem Activation.

For more support and feedback on your Supporter account, please visit our Venturer Support Page.


How is Venture Café Providence Structured and Funded?

VCGI, legally the “CIC Venture Cafe Global Institute”, is structured as a Delaware public benefit corporation (PBC) which reinvests all of its income in its mission. It was founded by Tim Rowe and incubated by Cambridge Innovation Center (a global operator of shared workspaces for innovators it calls innovation campuses). Later, it was spun out as a separate organization. CIC remains a close strategic partner and sponsor, including donation space for events within its locations.

Each Venture Café is typically funded by leading innovation players in its location: universities, consortia, governmental agencies, and operators of innovation-focused buildings and districts. Individual cafes may either be directly owned and operated by Venture Café Global Institute (VCGI), as is the case with Venture Café Providence, or may be a licensee operating under VCGI guidelines and frameworks. Funding for Venture Café Providence primarily consists of a mix of sponsorships and grants, which remain a key priority of Venture Café Providence however these can be prone to fluctuations in economic condition.

Is my Supporter Contribution Considered Tax Deductible?

No, contributions to a public benefit corporation are not considered tax deductible. Please let us know via the feedback form if this is important to you.