6:00-6:15 PM – Endowment Check

6:15-7:00 PM – The Future of Black Philanthropy & Creative Giving 2023

In honor of Black Philanthropy Month this August, we invite you to join our 3rd annual open discussion, where we will delve into the current state of black philanthropy, black policy, nonprofit, and creative giving sectors. This engaging panel aims to explore the initiatives that have shaped the landscape of giving in the black community and propose innovative ideas for a more impactful future.

Our esteemed moderator, Wendy Wallace, Director of Civic Engagement at Brown University, will skillfully guide the conversation, ensuring a thoughtful and constructive dialogue. Wendy’s extensive expertise in community engagement and social impact will provide valuable insights and foster a conducive atmosphere for meaningful exchanges.

Together, our panelists will examine the success stories and lessons learned from existing initiatives while exploring novel ways to address ongoing challenges and inequities in black philanthropy and policy. By sharing their unique perspectives, experiences, and innovative ideas, they will inspire all attendees to become active agents of change within their own communities.

August 3, 2023