Swing by this casual Conversation Corner with Jay Round to learn about the resources available to entrepreneurs building companies in the life sciences.

About Jay Round

Jay is an experienced MBA/MS in business and research program development with a successful track record in the biotechnology, medical device, agtech and pharmaceutical industries. Jay’s professional skills include venture capital, market valuation modeling, partnering, intellectual property, search and evaluation, strategy, cell therapy, microbiome, drug delivery, P&L, market valuation and entrepreneurship. Early in his career, Jay was a founding member of Indigo, an agricultural microbiome startup in Cambridge, MA. He also served as Director on the Founding Team of Rubius Therapeutics and was a VentureLabs Associate for Flagship Ventures. Additionally, Jay was the Director of Science Operations at Codiak Biosciences and Vice President at Aleo BME. He also held positions at Biogen Idec, the office of Technology Management at the University of Pittsburgh and was a Fulbright Fellow in India for the U.S. Department of State.

May 26, 2022