Join Kate Masury of Eating with the Ecosystem and learn more about the RI ecosystem, the species it contains, the people who make their livelihoods from it, and the impacts that are affecting its future.

About Eating with the Ecosystem

Eating with the Ecosystem is a small nonprofit with a unique mission: to promote a place-based approach to sustaining New England’s wild seafood.

By fusing together the ecological knowledge of marine scientists and commercial fishermen, the creativity of the region’s most innovative chefs, the know-how of seafood businesses, and the enthusiasm of local seafood lovers, we advance a New England seafood system that supports the region’s marine ecosystems and the people who depend on them.

Our programming includes a combination of educational events, citizen science and seafood system research, supply chain facilitation, and public awareness-raising through print, web, and signage. We overcome the limits of our small size by engaging in extensive collaborations, working with members of all parts of the local seafood supply chain and bridging the gap between ecosystem scientists and food systems thinkers to integrate a place-based approach to sustaining wild seafood into New England food system planning.

March 24, 2022