EforAll Pitch Contest

In-person session | Pitch Competition, Share

April 20, 2023 | 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Room: Assembly

EforAll Pitch Contests are lively events that offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their business idea to a friendly audience and receive valuable feedback from experienced judges. Early-stage entrepreneurs will gain valuable exposure and feedback on a business idea and we need your help choosing who wins an award! Great opportunity to validate a business idea for those who compete to win a cash prize.

A total of four cash prizes will be given out (1st place @ $1000, 2nd @ $750, 3rd place @ $500 as well as a $500 Fan Favorite prize).

Pitching Companies:

Caribe and Co.

Caribe & Co. is a company specializing in artisan, Caribbean-inspired coffee & cocktails syrups, but we call them “culinary syrups.” Why? Besides coffee & cocktails, our syrups are also fantastic drizzled over pancakes, in a sweet and spicy glaze, and many other sweet & savory dishes.

MBK Beauty

MBKBeauty is an e-commerce brand based in Providence that specializes in your new favorite vegan bath, body, and beauty products.

Yoga for All

I have developed a QR powered yoga mat to allow our customers to have access to a rotating and curated library of yoga classes, guided meditation, healthy recipes, wellness prompts and much more simply by scanning their phone over the QR code on the mat.


If you ever had Haitian food you know it’s unlike anything else. But it’s not the most street walking friendly. My idea is to turn the traditional Haitian dishes & fusing them to street foods techniques from other cultures.

LUNA Community Care

LUNA Community Care is an innovative disabled workers cooperative that provides peer support, training, advocacy and events. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for Disabled adults, and promote a shift in the culture, attitudes and acceptance of Disabled adults in the community.

Nhuad Single Hand Video Game Controllers

We have created a single hand video game controller for gamers with one hand. The idea came about after playing video games with my cousin who was born with one arm. This inspired me to create a single hand video game controller that he and other gamers could use and enjoy gaming.


About EforAll

Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll) is accelerating economic and social impact in communities nationwide through inclusive entrepreneurship. Programs include business accelerators, pitch contests, and virtual workshops

April 20, 2023