Expo: Web3.0 Projects in RI

In-person session | Demo Table, Learn, Play, Connect

October 6, 2022 | 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Web3 is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web which incorporates concepts such as decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics.

Stop by the expo to learn about the exciting projects, companies and initiatives that are being built in the Web3 space.

Tabling organizations to include:

  • Abyiss
  • Digital Asset Investment Group
  • Hold Crypto, Inc.
  • Mode: Yellow 5
  • Nice Drips
  • Software of America
  • SongSeed
  • More TBA!

Pre-register to ensure a smooth check-in experience day of Gathering.

October 6, 2022