RETHINK PERFORMANCE: Are High School and Colleges adequately prepared for the impacts of mental anxiety in their students?

Join NeuroTrainer CEO Noah Rolland in a thoughtful and informative session exploring how unprecedented levels of anxiety and lack of focus are preventing athletes & students from performing at their best. Discover new and innovative ways leading athletic programs are targeting anxiety at the source.

Experience the most powerful focus technology available today for athletic programs. Give your mind a work out with NeuroTrainer’s latest priming technology in virtual reality, and learn how students and coaches are optimizing their focus for better performance in sport, school and life.

About NeuroTrainer

NeuroTrainer is the leading VR Brain Training system for high school, college and youth sports. Leveraging cutting edge neuroscience and athletic cognitive training, it delivers fun and engaging skills training exercises in virtual reality. Designed for coaches and athletic departments, NeuroTrainer provides a safe and effective way to improve focus and the cognitive skills that lead to improved athletic and academic performance.

NeuroTrainer is the official cognitive training partner of the LA Galaxy.

August 25, 2022