Innovation on Tap

In-person session | Engage, Connect

March 21, 2024 | 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Room: Cafe Lounge

Innovation can take many forms. Sometimes in the form of a craft beverage!

Enjoy a curated selection of beer and wine while connecting and engaging with members from the innovation ecosystem here in the Greater Providence area. Non-alcoholic options will be available as well. Remember, Venture Cafe is for everyone! Craft beer graciously provided by our beverage sponsor, The Guild Brewing Company.

About The Guild Brewing Company:

The Guild Brewing Company is a craft centric brewery based in Pawtucket, RI that not only produces its own beer brands but works with nine other craft breweries to assist them in growing their brands. Established in 2017, The Guild is now the largest brewery in Rhode Island and one of the Top 75 producers in the United States. The Guild also serves the public with a beer hall and special events hall in Pawtucket, and has added two other locations: a beer hall in Warren and a beer garden in Innovation District Park in Providence. For more information, please go to

March 21, 2024