This exciting session is dedicated to showcasing the latest and greatest creations from inventors and innovators around New England.

We believe that human creativity and ingenuity have the power to change the world, and our goal is to provide a platform for these brilliant minds to share their ideas with the public. At the Invention Expo, you’ll have the opportunity to see and learn about a wide range of innovative products and technologies. You’ll also get the chance to meet and interact with the talented individuals behind these inventions, and hear their stories of inspiration and determination.


  • Includesign – The LapSnap is a collapsible carryall designed with and for wheelchair users. By attaching directly to a user’s chair, the LapSnap allows people to carry their belongings easily, and leaves their hands free to maneuver their chair and go about their day.
  • SB BIOSCIENCE Inc. – Aptamer based diagnostic kits and drug delivery system
  • Promedius Inc. – Provides affordable Medical AI for all
  • Fide – Fide’s blockchain-based background check tool helps companies and individuals gauge the credibility of project or contributor.
  • Lombardi Undersea LLC – Develops a variety of innovative life support systems, primarily for underwater use, though also for respiratory care, and industrial hazmat applications.
  • Smart Sprinkler Systems, Inc. – The WaterSketcher is a patented device under development that is connected to a garden hose and supports highly efficient outdoor water usage.
  • The Olsen Brothers LLC – The O-GLOVE COVER is a great solution to help protect your people and your investment, “the Airless Spray Gun”. The O-GLOVE, has been designed and tested to help lessen the impact from accidental dropping as well as 98% Over-Spray Free.
  • OpenMotion – High power, modular electric wheel for new forms of personal transportation and electric sport.
  • LabSpinner Inc.– Simple, efficient, quick enrichment of exosomes from various bio liquids. Can be used for therapeutic exosome development, sensitive liquid biopsy for cancer diagnostics.
  • Robo Arete – Chicken specialty brand that automates the whole process of chicken cooking with a robot
February 16, 2023