Bambi Layne Corrigan and Serge Njamfa have been circumnavigating CICs global backyard for two decades validating laboratories in the biotech and pharma sectors, with Serge’s former business platform in laboratory validation service. Yet a miscarriage in 2007 and a hypothyroid diagnosis complete with thyroid cancer shortly thereafter – nudged Bambi out of her chemistry and validation comforts zones and into the critical need for optimizing thyroid dosing and general thyroid care. This brings us Sci-Layne Inc. Sci-Layne Inc focuses on Individual Optimized Thyroid Metabolism through precision dosing. Conceptually very similar to our diabetes thyroid “patient cousins”. Sci-Layne Inc was incorporated in 2020, right here in Providence, in honor of the Ocean State of Hope where Bambi and Serge had their first project together.

Today, in honor of World Thyroid Day 2022, with Bambi’s mere twelve years of intuitive, self clinical research and a combined 60 years of chemistry, validation, electronics and diagnostics with Serge’s knowhow – this quest of thyroid metabolic optimization Bambi and Serge bring you the newest platform in real time thyroid health monitoring with thyroid diagnostic wearables for optimization with precision daily dosing.

For World Thyroid Day this Venture Cafe talk reminds us of the importance of the thyroid, how it is our internal metabolic driver – the gland that allows us to live and breathe, making it well deserving of some “talk time” and significant self care and optimization to live our best lives ever.

May 26, 2022