Panel: Contribute Less to Climate Change & More to Each Other

In-person session | Panel, Learn, Connect

October 20, 2022 | 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Room: Assembly

Join this lively discussion with members of the Civic Alliance for a Cooler Rhode Island (CACRI) about creating a livable future for Rhode Island by reducing the impact of global warming and improving sustainability.

“The way we’ve been living for the past few generations is forcing us into a future where the way we live will need to change. We will either change it on purpose and with care to create a future that we can live with, or global warming and climate change will change it for us and for all the living creatures of the future—maybe in ways that will make it hard or impossible for any of us to live. While this may sound disheartening, many all over Rhode Island have worked tirelessly to save land, educate connections between the natural world and our artificial world, change policy, run for office and more. Those actions and the actions of individuals just like you can and will make a difference!”

About The Civic Alliance for a Cooler Rhode Island (CACRI)

CACRI assesses, informs, and activates efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in or attributable to Rhode Island. The purpose of CACRI is philanthropic and includes promoting social learning about climate change, including especially the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improving the commonweal, and protecting the environment and the functioning of the ecosystem.

October 20, 2022