Presentation: How to Create a Culture of Innovation

In-person session | Presentation, Workshop, Learn, Engage, Share

July 25, 2024 | 6:30 PM - 7:15 PM
Room: Assembly

Organizations striving to adopt the Agile mindset do so understanding that innovation is critical to performance, survival, and business growth. The Aristotle Project has demonstrated that organizations with high EQ (emotional intelligence) innovate at faster rates than those organizations where risk-taking is associated with negative consequences. However, leaders rarely emphasize creating the trust levels that enable conditions for high EQ and psychological safety.

In this talk, we’ll explore concepts such as trust-building and psychological safety and how they intertwine in the Virtuous Trust Cycle to provide a supportive context for individuals to practice and improve EQ. We will  describe how measurements of psychological safety can accurately predict whether your Agile transformation will be effective or challenged. In addition, we’ll practice an exercise on how to enable and measure conditions for psychological safety.

Join this session to explore how the Trust Virtuous Cycle framework can help leaders and team members increase trust levels that create conditions for psychological safety for shaping a culture of innovation.

July 25, 2024