Demo Tables: Startups of RI

In-person session | Demo Table, Activation, Learn, Engage

April 7, 2022 | 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Rhode Island has a growing startup ecosystem that is attracting builders, investors and startup enthusiasts from around the nation.

Join this session to participate in hands-on demonstrations from some of the most disruptive startups from around the state.

Featured Startups 


Abyiss is a Crypto Platform that specializes in market data. We are connected to 100+ major cryptocurrency exchanges tracking 10,000+ assets in real-time. With the entire market at your fingertips the possibilities are endless. Our mission at Abyiss is to help everyone create wealth by empowering people with crypto, technology and education.


Our philosophy is to develop mobile channels and pathways in the customer journey that do not require a visit to the app store.

Instead our products use the native functionality of phones today to increase user engagement, maintain a central mobile location for content and resources, and offer our customers another option instead of costly traditional mobile apps.

We’re making the materials that matter, truly mobile.


Dogfrens is the only app-based online community that gives dog parents everything they need to find the perfect playmates for their pups, discover local dog-friendly businesses & world-class service providers, and connect with dog lovers and experts near and far. Launching soon!


Pluggdin is on a mission to put an end to distracted driving. Our solution lies in IoT technology that empowers parents to monitor and restrict their child’s distracted driving behavior in real time, from anywhere. Beyond providing emotional comfort, Pluggdin reduces the financial burden of high insurance premiums. With insurance carriers having layers of new actuarial data, the incentive to plug & play comes with discounts, coins, and rewards.

PopUp Rhody

PopUp Rhody is an online marketplace for RI establishments to post extra space for retail, event or meeting popups. It’s just like Airbnb but rather than posting rooms for rent, businesses post space for popups.

Additional Startups TBA

April 7, 2022