New England Institute of Technology (NEIT), Rhode Island Digital Game Institute (RIDIGI), and Skills for Rhode Island’s Future (SkillsRI) collaborated on a new summer internship program for rising high school seniors. SkillsRI, NEIT, and RIDIGI developed the High School Student Career Education Program, a six-week program where student participants learned how to make retro games on The New 8-Bit Heroes NESmaker platform.

NESmaker allows users to create games for legacy consoles from the 80s – the Nintendo Entertainment System. The 8-bit game console remains popular to this day even among a new generation of gamers. Developing games capable of being played on authentic NES cartridges is a fantastic way to learn working within constraints understanding core level programming concepts. The New 8-bit Heroes recently moved operations to Rhode Island and looks forward to fostering more game development in the state.

The student teams will present unbelievable games – games that they conceptualized themselves and made from scratch. They will explain the objectives of their games, how they intend to help people accommodate health and wellness related challenges, and how they worked together as they created their games.

Through game design studio experiences, students were introduced to “gamification,” digital graphic design, computer science, cybersecurity, IT, networking, and more. Students worked in teams with effective collaboration, teamwork, and social interaction. They made awesome games and great friendships.


  • Crest Fallen by Justyn Collazo and Jason Brodeur
  • Robo Fix It by Kevin Montalvo and Ray Narcisse
  • Delirium by Leyu Ding and Noah Johnson
  • Kal’s Kitchen by Graham McClure
  • Battle for the Bloodstream by Matthew Madden and Jacob Damiano
  • Time of Night by Sarah Boynge, Lilly Tougas and Michelle Xian
  • Project Ichor by Lillian Kennedy and Colm Dooley
  • Open Minded by Nathan Arnold
  • Dream Demons by Konny Ezeama and Justyn Crooke
  • Times Ticking by Nadine Frolov

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September 7, 2023