Rising Tide Lifts All Ships: Technology Showcase

In-person session | Demo Table, Learn, Connect, Share, Info table

October 5, 2023 | 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM
Room: Cafe Lounge

The Technology Showcase & Networking will highlight the next wave of potential spinouts from Brown University. Tables throughout the space will feature 20-25 early companies and pre-companies interested in engaging with funders, scientific partners, and/or business professionals. During the showcase, enjoy complimentary beer, wine, and hors d’oeuvres.

*If you would like to attend the speaking portion of the event beginning at 4:15, please pre-register on this session page – seating is limited!*


  • Adapt – Adapt is on its way to revolutionizing the Bionics industry. We are pioneering a novel approach to dominating this $100B market, and there´s no significant competition. We are leveraging 3D scanning, 3D printing, robotics, and our ¨Perfect Fit¨ software to enable the mass production of personalized prosthetic legs.
  • Adept MaterialsAdept Materials has developed an eco-friendly two-layer system of directional moisture control for use in construction, apparel, packaging, and health care
  • AlciniAlcini is working to identify RNA from pathogens in the blood of patients with sepsis using deep RNA sequencing, and create new molecular diagnostic tests that will more rapidly identify bacterial RNA that corresponds to a pathogen and antimicrobial resistance.
  • AtomICs – AtomICs is a molecular data storage and computing startup that stores digital data in small molecules to offer denser, more sustainable, and more durable data storage than transistors. Through denser, more sustainable DNA data storage, they seek to revolutionize the way digital data is stored through small molecules.
  • Bolden TherapeuticsBolden Therapeutics is developing ways to increase neurogenesis (the formation of new brain cells from endogenous neural stem cells), to replenish neurons lost in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and conditions such as stroke.
  • CareCrowd – CareCrowd is a healthcare IT company focused on developing a highly accurate repository of healthcare provider data. We utilize a novel combination of AI-powered algorithms and crowdsourcing techniques to feed the repository and drive a public-facing online directory.
  • Circadian Positioning Systems Circadian Positioning Systems (CPS) has developed a patented, data-backed lighting system that helps align the body’s sleep-wake cycle with work schedules. The company’s system uses an app and wearable device that collects the user’s sleep-wake data.
  • CardiacTEEM – CardiacTEEM has developed 3D human iPSC-cardiomyocyte microtissues for predicting arrhythmia generation and cardiotoxicity in response to pharmaceutical drugs, industrial chemicals, and environmental toxicants.
  • KardioStatus KardioStatus is a platform based, artificial neural network (ANN) developer of software-as-a-medical-device (SaMD) focused on the development of clinically actionable neural network based algorithms designed to transform bioelectric data into tailored therapeutics.
  • EquiPulse – Conventional pulse oximetry has been shown to result in inaccurate estimates of oxygen saturation levels for Black and Brown patients because of interference of the skin pigment melanin. EquiPulse is addressing this fundamental challenge with a novel photoplethysmography (PPG) technique that uses radially polarized light, which negates the potential impact of skin pigmentation. 
  • LenossLenoss Medical has developed the first fully biologic cementless technology for the treatment of vertebrae damaged by osteoporotic spinal column fractures.
  • LuxBrain – The blood-brain barrier (BBB) protects the healthy brain, but prevents delivery of almost all drug treatments. LuxBrain directly addresses this need with Transient Optical drive for Selective ENDothelial control (TO-SEND).
  • NanoDe NanoDe Therapeutics has developed a patented nucleic acid delivery technology that packages DNA, mRNA, siRNA, microRNA, and oligonucleotides for delivery into dense, hard-to-reach tissues, delivering its targeted payload in a nontoxic manner for the treatment of otherwise untreatable diseases.
  • NanoSoft NanoSoft focuses on ways to improve all aspects of cryogenic electron microscopy (cryoEM) sample preparation and handling. Its novel blotless technology makes workflows easier and more efficient, while preventing the detrimental effects of the air/water interface on protein samples during vitrification for single-particle analysis.
  • PedialyDx PedialyDx uses machine learning and advanced acoustic analysis techniques to develop and commercialize diagnostic tools based on acoustic signatures from infants’ cries. The company’s first product is a handheld device that uses a cloud-based algorithm to determine whether the cries of an infant with prenatal opioid exposure meet the criteria for neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome (NOWS).
  • Research Instruments Corporation – Research Instruments Corporation develops the world’s most brilliant X-ray sources that drive next-generation equipment in live-science, semiconductor metrology, and imaging of aerospace devices such as jet engines.
  • Sift – Sift addresses the gap between those who want to buy secondhand and those that actually do by aggregating the web’s resale items, presenting them through an accessible interface (enabled by an enhanced searching solution), and facilitating a user’s discovery of secondhand products.
  • SOMA – SOMA is an app that tracks and monitors pain symptoms, treatments, daily activities, and expectations so as to better predict when a condition is worsening or is starting to respond to treatment. The app combines symptom tracking with neuroscientific assessments and tailored interventions, to directly support individuals on their path to overcoming pain.
  •  SMöLTAP – SMöLTAP is an innovative positioning device that stabilizes young infants undergoing a lumbar puncture. The molded cradle holds the child in a natural, upright, forward-leaning position and ensures that the spine is ideally oriented for the procedure.
  • BioAccessTeam BioAccess has developed a biometric authentication scheme that verifies users’ identity with their unique biological traits, such as facial images, fingerprints, voices, retinas, and other features. Instead of storing biometric data like facial point clouds (and risking theft of this data) to manage crypto key exchanges, Team BioAccess stores the challenges required to generate a response and can recreate the data on the fly. 
  • Theromics Theromics is developing a next-generation thermal accelerant technology for soft tissue ablation procedures and combination therapy. The company’s proprietary gel, which is based on a protein found naturally in the body, is placed next to or into the lesion undergoing treatment via a percutaneous needle stick.
  • Tinos Therapeutics Inc. – Tinos Therapeutics, Inc., has the mission to create novel therapeutics that stop the cause of disease to ensure long-term remission. The team has created the Epi-CODE™ RNA Platform using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computational structure modeling to create new classes of therapeutics.
  • Walah Scientific – Walah Scientific has invented a novel approach to respiratory virus testing. The company’s handheld device, called a BubblerTM, captures aerosolized RNA-containing particles from the breath of a subject, who blows into a straw. The Bubbler is non-invasive and the test can be multiplexed to identify different variants and viruses.
  • XM Therapeutics XM Therapeutics has developed a technology for repairing or replacing abnormal or dysfunctional extracellular matrix (ECM)—the scaffolding material that organizes cells into tissues and organs. The technology uses practical, injectable human ECM particles that directly modulate dysfunctional ECM.

About Brown Technology Innovations:

The mission of Brown Technology Innovations is to put Brown University’s technology first to drive commercial outcomes that benefit the University and society. With its responsibilities to manage the university’s patent portfolio, the Brown University technology transfer office, called Brown Technology Innovations is first and foremost focused on commercialization.

October 5, 2023