Venture Cafe Customer Discovery

In-person session | Brainstorming, Activation, Engage, Connect, Share

April 18, 2024 | 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Room: Peabody

Venture Cafe Providence and Brown Collegiate Consulting is teaming up to learn how your Venture Cafe experience can be the best that it can be.Join this session to get interviewed by a student part of Brown Collegiate Consulting at Brown University. In this session you’ll get asked:

  • About your Venture Cafe experience
  • What you are looking for as a member of the innovation/entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • How Venture Cafe can best deliver that
  • And more!

About Collegiate Consulting Group: Collegiate Consulting Group fulfills its mission to inspire, train, and educate students about the field of consulting through our external consulting projects, consulting workshops and forums, and through our Spring consulting conference. Our external consulting projects are focused on training and educating students about the field of consulting through real world consulting projects. Each consulting project exposes students to each of the critical phases of the consulting process, namely the scoping phase, problem definition phase, research and analysis phase, and final recommendations and implementation phase.

April 18, 2024