Would you rather help grow an existing business rather than start a business from scratch? Find out why now is the best time to THINK BIG and BUY and GROW an established SMALL business.

Compared to traditional entrepreneurship, acquiring a small business from a retiring owner is a lower risk path to becoming a business owner. You don’t need a MBA to do this. You could be a mid-career professional, a person with skills trade or a person with grit and empathy willing to learn small business management skills. We will discuss what this path entails, why entrepreneurs have chosen this path, success stories and what resources we at NMC provide to make this accessible. Come hear from actual entrepreneurs who have gone down this path and look at actual small businesses for sale in RI.

About New Majority Capital

NMC is a Rhode Island based Impact platform that provides resources (due diligence etc.) and capital for the acquisitions to under-represented (BIPOC, Women, LGBTQ, Immigrants etc.) entrepreneurs to acquire and run existing small businesses. NMC’s impact is centered on closing the racial and gender wealth gap by putting these new business owners on a path to inter-generational wealth creation via small business ownership.

July 14, 2022