Why you should become a speaker
Connect with the Venture Café community of innovators, experts and maybe even investors or future clients.
Test your ideas, products and services and get genuine feedback from the Venture Café’s community of early adopters.
Share your knowledge with eager minds and give back to the Venture Cafe Community.
Build your personal and professional brand by positioning yourself as a thought leader in your field.
Experiment, try new things and get inspired! Venture Café’s community is a great place to have fun with peers!
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Do you have an inspiring story to tell, a workshop you want to lead, or some wisdom to spread? Contribute to our program.

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We want ideas that help people understand innovation on a broader and more applicable level.

Venture Café offers a reflection of the diverse, talented and entrepreneurial innovation community of Providence and throughout Rhode Island. Thursday Gatherings provide an intentional space to the innovation community with access to high-quality educational programming and conversations. Each Thursday startups, small businesses, academics, corporates, investors, students, and governmental organizations convene, connect, and build relationships at Venture Café.


Our goal is to host new, exciting, thought-provoking content to fuel conversation. We inject new ideas and perspectives into the conversation, helping to spur innovation on a broader and more applicable level.