Annette Tonti

Annette Tonti

Managing Director – RIHub

Three time founder, three exits. I’m an executive with over 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. An early pioneer in the online advertising and mobile markets. I’ve been a founder of 3 high tech startups, and have raised over $30M from Venture and Angel investors. What is it that I truly love? The application of new ideas to solve a customer problem. Exactly why I like Startups so much. I built The Innovation Scout because we are passionate about the topic of connecting Startups to relevant problems at established companies. The “Innovation Marketplace” includes startups, university research, entrepreneurs, and accelerators. Tapping in to this marketplace is the way businesses will use innovation to grow and beat the competition.

Early in my career I worked digital strategies for Fortune 1000 businesses, ran a global program for the MIT Media Labs and headed up operations for a global telecommunications consultancy. I’ve been a recognized leader at the intersection of technology and business model possibilities. My strengths include: using technology innovation to develop new business models, creating highly motivated teams and Software as a Service (SaaS) innovations.

I am proud to be running Rhode Island’s Innovation Hub, RIHub where we help high potential growth companies to land and expand here in Rhode Island. We are changing the game for RI to become a great place to start and grow your high tech business.