Justin Sirotin

Justin Sirotin

Founder – OCTO Product Development

Justin Sirotin is an entrepreneur, design strategist, and innovation expert. He has spent his 25+ year

career developing successful products, services, brand experiences and businesses for multinational

brands and start-ups alike. He is the founder of three successful companies including OCTO, a product

strategy, research, and innovation services firm.

This wide range of experiences gives Justin a unique perspective on driving innovation across a range of

industry verticals. Justin has developed a unique point of view on the complete innovation process

through his work with clients including Bose, Google, Hexagon, Schneider Electric, Leica Geosystems,

Johnson and Johnson, Titleist, and CVS just to name a few. In each case, Justin applies a prescriptive

methodology for delivering business outcomes to enable companies to compete in a quickly changing

market landscape.

In Fall of 2020, Justin launched Route Werks, a cycling accessories brand that reimagines the traditional

handlebar bag. Justin combined his deep knowledge of consumer products with his supply chain

experience to create an innovative take on a classic product. The brand launched on Kickstarter where it

raised over $300K and has now spun out into a thriving cycling company based in Providence, RI.

In addition, Justin has been adjunct faculty at RISD teaching in Industrial Design since 2008. Justin has

an Industrial Design BA from the University of Illinois where he was awarded the merit scholar.