Mike Reyes

Mike Reyes

Founder – PerniMed

Mike Reyes has worked in tech sales, as a corporate trainer, and in the political canvassing/lobbying space.

In the tech space, Mike has successfully managed a sales team of 10–15 sales reps at JustGreen, raising New York territory sales by 200%, during his tenure. As a sales rep at Yelp, he successfully sold digital ad space to a diverse cliente aided by his trilingual fluency in English, Mandarin and Spanish.

While living in the People’s Republic of China, Mike was a trainer at Shenzhen Seventh People’s Hospital, hosted a weekend training at the Chinese Communist Party school, and was a personal trainer to Shenzhen city’s Vice Mayor Zheng.
In addition to running Pernimed, he currently works as a fundraising consultant at Mobilize the Message. Mike has been a guest on many podcasts, he has been interviewed on Fox News, Al Jazeera, The New York Post, and ABC, as well as doing interviews with news outlets in both China and Spain. Mike has served on the executive Board of various non-profit organizations.