Siu-Li Khoe

Siu-Li Khoe

Vice President of Business Development – RI Commerce

Siu-Li Khoe serves as the Vice President of Business Development for the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation. She is responsible for business attraction planning and implementation with a focus on design, technology and engineering.

Professional Background

Prior to joining the corporation, Siu-Li served as one of five founders of Rhode Island Virtual Reality (RIVR) in September 2016 and became Executive Director in November 2017. During her tenure, Siu-Li increased membership, programming and project and business development activity. Prior to RIVR, she worked in multiple sectors as a Technology and Operations executive including Citizens Bank, SquadLocker, MOO Inc, Textron Inc. (TXT), Yantra Corp and 4-Sight L.C.

Siu-Li holds multiple Board positions in local Arts and Education non-profits.


Siu-Li holds a BSc from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.