Trudy Mandeville

Trudy Mandeville

CEO – TCP Learning

As Chief Executive Officer, Trudy Mandeville has built her organization using a philosophy that recognizes the needs of customers and community. TCP Learning’s 30-year vision and mission has been guided by an evidence-based philosophy designed to maximize their client’s investment in technology supported learning and is grounded in the value of service. Their focus includes recognizing learning skills required by adults as self-directed, self-regulated learners. Therefore, the focus is on the design of the learner’s experience and coaching for success.

As advocates for well-designed, evidence-based, technology supported, learning experiences, TCP Learning’s vision and mission guides their ability to maximize their client’s investment in learning technology. With decades of experience in this industry, they engage both creativity and innovation with experience and evidence to assist their clients as they plan, design, create and deliver learning that transforms their workforce and their business.

Like many of their peers, TCP Learning can produce quality immersive learning experiences. Their differentiation is not the use of trend or technology for its sake alone but rather approach each opportunity as unique — collaborating with the best partners — always focusing on the optimal, authentic outcomes for the learner.