Philip DiMuro

Philip DiMuro

Founder – Founders Approach


We’d like you to meet Philip DiMuro. Member of the Venture Café Providence community.


Founders Approach combines US-based project managers & talented global developers to bring your Mobile app or Website to life without compromising on quality or value. At Founders Approach, we subscribe to the belief that the simplest solution is often the most effective and efficient one. We develop with a lean mentality; always focusing on validating before building. We help entrepreneurs develop their “Minimum Viable Product” and bring it to market quickly. We have built and launched products from scratch and we understand the ins and outs of building a business.


As a new Rhode Island resident, I’ve found making new connections isn’t always easy but the team at Venture Cafe has made that possible through their top-notch weekly events. They are a perfect combination of casual networking, educational speakers, and in-person pop up’s for local startups. At one of my first Venture Cafe Providence events, I met another local entrepreneur who was just starting his agency. He was mostly doing design work but we found a great win/win where my development team could work hand-in-hand to deliver a great product for his end customer. Within 2 months we already had a connection of his asking us to rebuild their website and we were able to close the deal as a team. Excited for this perfect collaboration which leverages our individual skills to grow both of our agencies for one end client.

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