Polished by Sterling

Polished by Sterling



We’d like you to meet Sterling Clinton-Spellman from Polished By Sterling, member of the Venture Café Providence community.


Sterling is an entrepreneur, author, and the founder of Polished By Sterling, a coaching practice to help leaders “refine, lead, and profit in all areas in their life.”


Sterling Clinton-Spellman is a volunteer mentor with Venture Café Providence’s Small Business Support program, helping small businesses lead their digital transformation efforts.

She also recently participated in the recent Venture Café roundtable discussion “Diversity in Commerce 2.0.” In the conversation, Clinton-Spellman reflected on the lack of networking opportunities when she was starting her entrepreneurial journey: “At every event I would go to,” she said, “I would be the only woman of color in the room.” And for women of color, “You are not taught to network…and that is a systemic thing.”

The systemic issue sparked an opportunity for Clinton-Spellmen, who since 2017, has evolved her practice to include a leadership conference, PolishedCon, to expand networks and access to opportunity for young women of color. From the conference, she developed Co-lab, an accountability network that met twice a week to support personal development skills. “Personal development is what will make you successful in your life and your business.”

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