Scott Keeley

Scott Keeley

Patent Agent – Keeley DeAngelo, LLP


We’d like you to meet Scott Keeley and Regina DeAngelo, members of the Venture Café Providence community.


Keeley DeAngelo is a two-person intellectual property firm in Charlestown, Rhode Island. Scott Keeley had been working in IP for about nine years when he decided to become a registered patent agent and start his own business in 2016. His partner, Regina DeAngelo, joined him in 2018.

Keeley DeAngelo’s clients are small-scale entrepreneurs and startups who seek patent protection for their innovations. The company researches, writes and files patent applications, guiding startups through the often-opaque patent process at the USPTO and the International Bureau.


We’ve been doing office hours and workshops at Venture Café Philly, where we spend a lot of time (Regina DeAngelo is from Philly), so it’s great to do the same in our home state of Rhode Island. Both Providence and Philadelphia have a vibrant entrepreneurial scene, and each is influenced by neighboring big cities (Boston, New York), which is both inspiring and motivating.

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